Zero Turn

Zero Turns

(Ferris & Simplicity)

New Zero Turn Mowers for Simplicity & Ferris brand.

Louderback's offers a wide selection of  Simplicity  and  Ferris  premium lawn mowers and garden tractors, riding mowers and chore products; all with industry-leading innovation and performance.  Our prices are competitive to all VA Simplicity and Ferris dealers, and we service what we sell.  Stop in to visit a top VA Simplicity and Ferris dealer.

Ferris Lawn Mowers
Ferris IS 600Z - Zero Turn
If you are looking for the best value in compact zero-turn mower, look no further than the Ferris IS® 600Z. Featuring our patented suspension technology, heavy-duty Hydro-Gear® Drive System and speeds up to 10 mph, this mower will give you all you're looking for and more. The IS® 600Z is capable of tackling tight places, providing maximum maneuverability and productivity.

For engines, choose between a Briggs & Stratton® Commercial Series engine, or the Kawasaki® FS600V engine. You can pair either great choice with a 44” or 48” mower deck.
Simplicity ZT2000 Zero Turn
Simplicity Courier
Zero Turn
Along with the exclusive Suspension Comfort System™ and commercially-inspired features such as fully-welded frames and rugged front axles, the all new Courier also brings new levels of utility to the yard through an integrated rear cargo bed (standard on most models). Choice between - 42", 44", 48", or 52". 
Ferris Lawn Mowers
Ferris IS 700Z - Zero Turn
The IS® 700Z Series, with up to five feet of cutting width, is an amazing value! Featuring our patented suspension technology, iCD™ Cutting System, heavy-duty Hydro-Gear® drive system and up to 10 mph speeds this mower is full of features to increase the operator's productivity. You'll mow more lawn in less time.

This model not only offers performance & operator serviceable with commercial grade transmission, but you also get to choose between several powerful engine options. Take your choice of Vanguard™ 810, Kawasaki® FS730V EFI, Kawasaki® FS730V, Kawasaki® FS691V or for maximum power the Briggs & Stratton® Commercial Series engine.
Simplicity Champion XT Zero Turn
Simplicity Champion XT 
Zero Turn
Professional Inspiration for Premium Performance. 
Welcome to commercial character and performance that exceeds your expectations. Heavy-duty frame, unique rear suspension, commercial drive system and Briggs & Stratton® engines, this zero-turn promises years of quality performance. 48". Comfortable 18" High-Back Seat. 
Ferris Lawn Mowers
Ferris IS 2100Z - Zero Turn
52"or 61" Deck - Combined with Ferris' iCD™ engineering under the mower deck, the IS 2100Z delivers consistently accurate cutting performance in diverse conditions without the need to slow down. The cutting deck is mounted independently of the suspension system, barely affected by hills and holes, so you spend more time traveling at high ground speeds without scalping the expertly manicured turf under your care.
Simplicity Citation XT Zero Turn
Simplicity Citation XT - Zero Turn
You've Got the Challenge... Meet the Solution. 
You’ve got a big yard, big trees, and a big job ahead of you... It’s time you had the mower that’s up to the task. Built with a powerful commercial grade engine, comfortable suspension system and the choice of a 52-inch or 61-inch deck the Citation XT™ makes short work of any big job. 
Ferris IS 2500Z Zero Turn
Ferris Lawn Mowers
Ferris IS 2600Z  - Zero Turn
61" Decks - The IS® 2600Z series of mowers continues to expand the Ferris zero-turn line-up offering diesel power with features and benefits that no other mower can. Featuring 155cm (61") or 132cm (52") cutting width decks with our longer life greasable aluminum and cast-iron spindles, this machine is sure to out-live and out-perform the competition. There is not another product in its class that can match the value this machine offers, especially when paired with the benefits of Ferris' patented four-wheel suspension system.
Simplicity Cobalt Zero Turn
Simplicity Cobalt - Zero Turn
Residential, Meets Commercial. With a perfect combination of commercial features the Cobalt is the ultimate in zero turn mowing. Whether you mow the area around your business or home, the Cobalt allows you to get the job done quickly, comfortably and beautifully. 61". Large 24" Rear Tires. Twin 5.5 Gallon Fuel Tanks. 
Ferris IS 3100Z Zero Turn
Ferris Lawn Mowers
 Ferris IS 3200Z 
Zero Turn
61" or 72" Decks
The IS 3200Z series comes with full rear suspension and independent front suspension. Adjust the stiffness to your tastes or to compensate for an additional load such as a collection system accessory. The entire system responds to the most unforgiving terrain with refined control and incomparable steering accuracy, softening the jolts and lessening the stress on both man and machine. Ferris also updated the mounting and leveling of our iCD™ Cutting System. The free-floating deck hangs independently of the suspension system employing solid steel rods, which are stronger and easier to adjust. This design delivers unrivaled, smooth cutting performance, even over bumps and dips 
Ferris ComfortControl DD Walk-Behind Lawn Mower
Ferris Lawn Mowers
ProCut S
Cutting-edge suspension system with rear-coil over shocks for heightened efficiency, speed and comfort.Efficient enough to mow up to four acres per hour.^ 61" 10-gauge fabricated deck with greaseable aluminum spindles for long-lasting life. Quick cut height adjustment for easy change from 1.5" to 5".Electric switch deck lift for easy deck cleaning & maintenance and curb climbing & trailer loading. Integrated fan mounted on top of the hydro pump for cooler and more efficient operation and debris repellant.Comfortable ride with mid-back seat with enhanced bolstering and ergonomically designed armrests.
SRS Series Stand-On
Ferris IS 5100Z Zero Turn
Ferris Lawn Mowers
The Soft Ride Stand-on (SRS™) Z2 is raising the bar with our patent pending adjustable operator platform, featuring suspension technology, optimizing operator comfort and increasing productivity! The superior balance provides stability and maneuverability that exceeds expectations for traction and handling, whether on slopes or on flat terrain. The Soft Ride Stand-on (SRS™) is designed to allow for quick operator exit and re-entry.
Walk Behind Mowers 
Ferris ComfortControl DD Walk-Behind Lawn Mower
Ferris Lawn Mowers
FW25 Walk Behind Mower
36" or 45" Deck
FW25 dual hydrostatic commercial walk behind mowers will readily fit most small sheds and trailers while packing impressive performance and features. Fulltime lawn care crews will appreciate the comfort of our all-new, CC™ Centralized Control handles. Moved inward to a more natural, ergonomic position, you may discover you last longer without hand fatigue to wear you down. And speaking of hands, they're less likely to get scraped up as you mow past shrubs, trees, walls and fences, or when loading and unloading inside trailers. 
Ferris Hyrdocut Walk-Behind Lawn Mower
Ferris Lawn Mowers
FW35 Walk Behind Mower
The FW35 dual hydrostatic commercial walk behind mowers feature all-new, CC™ Centralized Control handles. Inspired by professional landscapers, the redesigned handles have been moved to a more natural, ergonomic position. Improved comfort can mean extended productivity. Even better, the narrower stance of our handlebars protects hands from scrapes and cuts when navigating around shrubs and trees, mowing beside walls and fences, and when loading and unloading inside trailers.
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