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We Service Simplicity....and Repair the Rest.

Louderback's offers a wide selection of Simplicity premium lawn mowers and garden tractors, riding mowers and chore products; all with industry-leading innovation and performance.  Our prices are competitive to all VA Simplicity dealers, and we service what we sell.  Stop in to visit a top VA Simplicity dealer. Our Top Sellers!      

Lawn & Garden Mowers

Simplicity Regent Lawn Tractor
Simplicity Regent
Lawn Tractor
The Simplicity Regent, where Quality and Durability meet. Complete with a solid steel frame, Hydro-Gear® transmission and powerful Briggs & Stratton Professional Series™ engine, the value-packed Regent™ has the ability to deliver a great cut year after year.
38", 42", 44", or 48" decks. 
Simplicity Broadmoor Garden Tractor
Simplicity Broadmoor 
Lawn Tractor
Bring Comfort and Performance to Your Lawn
Can a lawn tractor be both high-performing and comfortable? The Simplicity Broadmoor™ answers this question with a definate "YES"! With the unique Free Floating™ mower deck, new rear suspension and breathable ergonomic mesh seat, mowing the lawn will never feel like a chore again. 44", 48", or 50" decks. 
Simplicity Conquest Garden Tractor
Simplicity Conquest 
Yard Tractor
Do More with Your Yard
Can a lawn tractor do more than just mow your lawn? The Simplicity Conquest™ does, engineered to be compatible with a full line of attachments making it more than just a mower. The Quick Hitch™ system lets you easily remove the mower deck, so the Conquest can be that helping hand in your yard. 50" or 52" decks.
Simplicity Prestige Garden Tractor
Simplicity Prestige 
Garden Tractor
Premium Just Keeps Getting Better
Treat yourself to exciting design, impressive power and control, and Simplicity® durability and performance. Start with Automatic Controlled Traction™, a powerful Briggs & Stratton® engine, power steering, cruise control and 4WD the Prestige begs to be driven in all seasons. 50" or 52" decks.
Simplicity Legacy XL Subcompact Garden Tractor
Simplicity Legacy XL
Subcompact Garden Tractor
A Subcompact, When You Have Big Jobs to Do
A day's work doesn't have to take all day. The Legacy XL™ combines the toughness of a compact tractor with the comfort and control of a garden tractor, giving you the power and reliability you need to get tough jobs done with one machine. Choose from three powerful engines, 2WD or 4WD, and long list of attachments available at your neighborhood Simplicity dealer and the front quick-connect hydraulics and category 1 (modified), 3-point hitch make attaching attachments to the 540 rmp PTO a snap. The exclusive Free Floating™ mower deck gives you the beautiful cut you've come to expect from Simplicity®.

Simplicity's Attachments

Front-End Loader/Backhoe
Front-End Loader/Backhoe
Hydraulic controls make each imple­ment function efficiently.
Clean Sweep Triple Collector
CleanSweep™ Triple Collector

Collect up to 10 bushels of clippings into three easy-to-empty bags.
Post Hole Digger
Post Hole Digger
The 3-point hitch and rear PTO drive the 6" diameter auger-9" and 14" auger extensions available.
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